From Qt 5.9 onwards, the Green Hills Software INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is a supported platform.

The INTEGRITY RTOS is widely used in safety- and security-critical systems. Especially in the automotive industry, both Qt and the INTEGRITY RTOS can be used in conjunction with instrument clusters and infotainment systems.

With Qt for INTEGRITY you can build and develop applications for the INTEGRITY RTOS. Qt for INTEGRITY supports most Qt 模块 . The development environment includes your target device and Qt sources that you need to build for your target device. See Supported Development Hosts and Boards for detailed information about the supported development environment.

Qt for INTEGRITY has a tutorial that helps you learn how to:

  • Set up a development environment for the i.MX6 Quad board
  • Build an INTEGRITY application
  • Prepare the i.MX6 Quad board to run your application

Qt for INTEGRITY: Monolith Project Tutorial .

Supported Qt Modules

Qt for INTEGRITY has been tested to support the following Qt modules: Qt Core, Qt Network, Qt GUI, Qt Quick, Qt QML, Qt Quick Controls 2, Qt 3D, Qt Widgets, Qt Image Formats, Qt XML Patterns, Qt SVG.

Other Qt modules may work with Qt for INTEGRITY, but we cannot guarantee that.

Supported Development Hosts and Boards

Qt for INTEGRITY can be built on the following hosts:

  • 64-bit Linux distributions
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10

Qt for INTEGRITY supports building and developing applications for the following development boards: