MenuStyle QML Type

Provides custom styling for Menu 更多...

导入语句: import QtQuick.Controls.Styles 1.4
Since: Qt 5.3




The styleData object contains the following read-only properties:

styleData.index : int The index of the menu item in its menu.
styleData.type : enumeration The type of menu item. See below for possible values.
styleData.selected : bool true if the menu item is selected.
styleData.pressed : bool true if the menu item is pressed. Available since 5.4.
styleData.text : string The menu item's text, or title if it's a submenu.
styleData.underlineMnemonic : bool Whether the style should underline the menu item's label mnemonic.
styleData.shortcut : string The text for the menu item's shortcut.
styleData.iconSource : url The source URL to the menu item's icon. Undefined if it has no icon.
styleData.enabled : bool true if the menu item is enabled.
styleData.checkable : bool true if the menu item is checkable.
styleData.exclusive : bool true if the menu item is checkable, and it's part of an ExclusiveGroup .
styleData.checked : bool true if the menu item is checkable and currently checked.
styleData.scrollerDirection : enumeration If the menu item is a scroller, its pointing direction. Valid values are Qt.UpArrow , Qt.DownArrow ,和 Qt.NoArrow .

The valid values for styleData.type 是:

  • MenuItemType.Item
  • MenuItemType.Menu
  • MenuItemType.Separator
  • MenuItemType. ScrollIndicator

注意: Styling menus may not be supported on platforms using native menus through their QPA plugin.


font : font

The font of the control.

This QML property was introduced in QtQuick.Controls.Styles 1.3.

frame : 组件

The background frame for the menu popup.

The Menu will resize the frame to its contents plus the padding.

itemDelegate : Object

The object containing the menu item subcontrol components. These subcontrols are used for normal menu items only, i.e. not for separators or scroll indicators.

The subcontrols are:

注意: This property cannot be overwritten although all of the subcontrol properties can.

scrollIndicator : 组件

Component for the scroll indicator menu item.

Will be used when styleData.type 等于 MenuItemType.ScrollIndicator . Its appearance should follow styleData.scrollerDirection .

This is the item added at the top and bottom of the menu popup when its contents won't fit the screen to indicate more content is available in the direction of the arrow.

separator : 组件

Component for the separator menu item.

Will be used when styleData.type 等于 MenuItemType.Separator .

The amount of pixels by which a submenu popup overlaps horizontally its parent menu.

The number of milliseconds to wait before opening a submenu.


string formatMnemonic ( string text , bool underline = false)

Returns a rich-text string to render mnemonics for a given menu item.

The mnemonic character is prefixed by an ampersand in the original string.

传递 true for underline will underline the mnemonic character (e.g., formatMnemonic("&Open...", true) 将返回 "<u>O</u>pen..." ). Passing false for underline will return the plain text form (e.g., formatMnemonic("&Open...", false) 将返回 "Open..." ).

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