ToolBar QML Type

Contains ToolButton and related controls. 更多...

导入语句: import QtQuick.Controls 1.4
Since: Qt 5.1
继承: FocusScope



The common way of using ToolBar is in relation to ApplicationWindow . It provides styling and is generally designed to work well with ToolButton as well as other controls.

注意, ToolBar does not provide a layout of its own, but requires you to position its contents, for instance by creating a RowLayout .

If only a single item is used within the ToolBar , it will resize to fit the implicitHeight of its contained item. This makes it particularly suitable for use together with layouts. Otherwise the height is platform dependent.

ApplicationWindow {
    toolBar:ToolBar {
        RowLayout {
            anchors.fill: parent
            ToolButton {
                iconSource: "new.png"
            ToolButton {
                iconSource: "open.png"
            ToolButton {
                iconSource: "save-as.png"
            Item { Layout.fillWidth: true }
            CheckBox {
                text: "Enabled"
                checked: true
                Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignRight


[read-only] contentItem : Item

This property holds the content Item of the tool bar.

Items declared as children of a ToolBar are automatically parented to the ToolBar 's contentItem. Items created dynamically need to be explicitly parented to the contentItem:

注意: The implicit size of the ToolBar is calculated based on the size of its content. If you want to anchor items inside the tool bar, you must specify an explicit width and height on the ToolBar 本身。